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During the Japanese occupation to the island of Mindoro, guerilla's used large palm tree to hide from the Japanese Army. At that time some of the mountanous place of Barangay Lumambayan of the Municipality of Pinamalayan had many Palm Tree, which is called by the local folks as “BULI”. People residing at this place used the leaves of the palm tree in making crafts such as nest for the laying chickens, hat made from palm tree etc.

On 1963 Barangay Lumambayan splitted into many Barangays and one of these Barangay was Barangay Buli which the name originated from the Palm Tree planted along the mountainous area of the Barangay.

And on May 4, 1986 Barangay Buli was legally separated from Lumambayan and considered as one of the Barangay of the Municipality of Pinamalayan.



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